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Kai-Olaf Lang

America's Best Friend?

SWP Comment 2003/C 04, March 2003, 8 Pages
Andreas Maurer

The Convention, the IGC 2004 and European System development - A Challenge for Parliamentary Democracy

Democracy and Accountability in the Enlarged European Union

Conveu 30, March 2003
Bertold Rittberger

The Development of the European Parliament's Powers

Conveu 30, March 2003
Displaying results 351 to 360 out of 365


SWP Comments

Emanuele Caggiano, Paweł Tokarski
PD and M5S: The Italian Alliance of Convenience

The Power of the Status Quo in a Challenging Economic Context

Annegret Bendiek, Martin Schallbruch
Europe’s Third Way in Cyberspace

What Part Does the New EU Cybersecurity Act Play?