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Ognian Hishow

The broader Process of Economic Reform and Russia-West Cooperation

in: The Report of a Joint Working Group The Atlantic Council of the United States, Washington D.C., The Centre of European Reform, London, The North America Institute of the RAS, Moscow 2002, pp.25-35
Daniela Kietz

The Vices and Virtues of Direct Democracy: East and West in Comparative Perspective

Conference Report in: Welttrends. Zeitschrift für Internationale Politik und vergleichende Studien 35 (2002)
Simon Bulmer, M. Burch, C. Carter, P. Hogwood, A. Scott

British Devolution and European Policy-Making: Transforming Britain into Multi-Level Governance

Basingstoke (Palgrave) 2002
Matthias Kaelberer

Ideas, Interests, and Institutions: The Domestic Politics of European Monetary Cooperation

in: Comparative Politics 35:1 (2002), pp. 105-123
Daniela Schwarzer

Systèmes sociaux: des fortes spécificités nationales

in: Commissariat Général du Plan/Deutsch-Französisches Institut (eds.): Compétitivité Globale: une perspective franco-allemande, documentation Française, 2001, 101-124
Ognian Hishow

International Financial Organizations and Globalization by Default

in: Kl. Segbers (ed.), Explaining Post-Soviet Patchworks, Vol. 1, Aldershot/Burlington 2001, pp. 35-54
Matthias Kaelberer

Money and Power in Europe

The Political Economy of European Monetary Cooperation

Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001
Peter Becker, Heather Grabbe, Kirsty Hughes, Barbara Lippert

British and German Interests in EU Enlargement: Conflict and Cooperation Towards EU-Membership

London, Continuum, 2001
Simon Bulmer, C. Jeffery, W. Paterson

Germany's European Diplomacy: Shaping the Regional Milieu

Manchester (Manchester University Press) 2000
Displaying results 641 to 650 out of 658


SWP Comments

Bettina Rudloff, Christine Wieck
Sustainable Supply Chains in the Agri­cultural Sector: Adding Value Instead of Just Exporting Raw Materials

Corporate Due Diligence within a Coherent, Overarching and Partnership-based EU Strategy

Peter Becker
The EU Budget As an Opportunity in the Crisis

The EU Commission Proposal for a New Financial Framework and a Reconstruction Fund

SWP Research Papers

Oliver Geden, Felix Schenuit
Unconventional Mitigation

Carbon Dioxide Removal as a New Approach in EU Climate Policy

Evita Schmieg
Connections between Trade Policy and Migration

A Sphere of Action for the EU