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Ognian Hishow

International Financial Organizations and Globalization by Default

in: Kl. Segbers (ed.), Explaining Post-Soviet Patchworks, Vol. 1, Aldershot/Burlington 2001, pp. 35-54
Matthias Kaelberer

Money and Power in Europe

The Political Economy of European Monetary Cooperation

Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001
Peter Becker, Heather Grabbe, Kirsty Hughes, Barbara Lippert

British and German Interests in EU Enlargement: Conflict and Cooperation Towards EU-Membership

London, Continuum, 2001
Simon Bulmer, C. Jeffery, W. Paterson

Germany's European Diplomacy: Shaping the Regional Milieu

Manchester (Manchester University Press) 2000
Günter Seufert, Karin Vorhoff, Stefanos Yerasimos (eds.)

Civil Society in the Grip of Nationalism

Studies on Political Culture in Contemporary Turkey

Istanbul: Orient-Institut der DMG & Würzburg: Ergon-Verlag, 2000
Andreas Maurer

(Co-)Governing after Maastricht: An Assessment of the European Parliament's Institutional Performance 1994 - 1999

Lessons for the Implementation of the Amsterdam Treaty

Forschungsauftrag Nr. IV/99/23, Köln, 01.11.1999 (für das Europäische Parlament)
Evita Schmieg

Coherence between Development and Agricultural Policies

Intereconomics 1/1997, Vol, 32, Baden-Baden 1997, pp. 35-40
Tobias Etzold

The EU and (Sub-) Regional Organizations in North-Eastern Europe

Impact on (Sub-) Regional Cooperation and Integration

in: P. De Lombaerde/M. Schultz (eds.) The EU and World Regionalism - The Makability of Regions in the 21st Century, Farnham: Ashgate, 2009, pp. 221-234
Tobias Etzold

Earlier reforms in the Nordic Council

in: K. Jutila/T. Tikkala (eds.) Together or apart? The Nordic Council and the EU, Helsinki 2009, pp. 9-20
Displaying results 631 to 640 out of 643


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PD and M5S: The Italian Alliance of Convenience

The Power of the Status Quo in a Challenging Economic Context

Annegret Bendiek, Martin Schallbruch
Europe’s Third Way in Cyberspace

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