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Ronja Kempin, Barbara Kunz

France, Germany, and the Quest for European Strategic Autonomy

Franco-German Defence Cooperation in A New Era

Notes du Cerfa, No.141, Ifri, December 2017
Evita Schmieg, Adam Balcer, Krzysztof Blusz

Germany, Poland and the future of transatlantic community

Foreign Policy and International Affairs, WiseEurope and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Warsaw, December 2017
Peter Becker

The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Unity of EU budget

In-Depth Analysis on the request of the Committee on Budgets of the European Parliament, November 2017

in:, November 2017
Tobias Etzold, Hiski Haukkala, Kristi Raik

Northern Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Finland & New Northern Europe: Baltics

in: Amelia Hadfield, Ian Manner and Richard G. Whitman (eds.), Foreign Policies of EU Member States: Continuity and Europeanisation, Routledge, 2017, pp. 23-38
Oliver Geden, Andreas Löschel

Define limits for temperature overshoot targets

in: Nature Geoscience, Vol. 10, No 12, December 2017, pp. 881-882
Pete Smith, Julio Friedmann, Giana Amador, Mercedes Bustamante, Annette Cowie, Noah Deich, Sabine Fuss, Oliver Geden, Mark G. Lawrence, Omar Masera, Jan Minx

Bridging the Gap – Carbon Dioxide Removal

in: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (ed.), The Emissions Gap Report 2017, Nairobi 2017, pp. 56-66
Ronja Kempin

The Foreign Policy Implications of Financial Crises

in: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, October 2017
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SWP Comments

Oliver Geden, Felix Schenuit
Climate Neutrality as Long-term Strategy

The EU’s Net Zero Target and Its Consequences for Member States

Nicolai von Ondarza
A Redefinition of “Spitzenkandidaten”

The Next EU Commission Needs a Common Political Mandate

SWP Research Papers

Annegret Bendiek, Raphael Bossong
Shifting Boundaries of the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy

A Challenge to the Rule of Law

Peter Becker
A New Budget for the EU

Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021–2027