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Joeri Rogelj, Oliver Geden, Annette Cowie, Andy Reisinger

Three ways to improve net-zero emissions targets

In: Nature, Vol. 591, March 2021, pp. 365-368
Felix Schenuit, Rebecca Colvin, Mathias Fridahl, Barry McMullin, Andy Reisinger, Daniel L. Sanchez, Stephen M. Smith, Asbjørn Torvanger, Anita Wreford, Oliver Geden

Carbon Dioxide Removal Policy in the Making: Assessing Developments in 9 OECD Cases

in: Frontiers in Climate 3:638805, March 2021

New kings of the wild frontier

Frontex, the EU’s border force, swells in size

With quotes from Raphael Bossong, in: The Economist, 03.03.2021
Nicoletta Pirozzi, Luca Argenta, Paweł Tokarski

The EU One Year after the Covid‐19 Outbreak: An Italian‐German Perspective

Working Paper Research Division EU/Europe 2020/ No. 01, February 2021, 8 Pages


Annegret Bendiek, Eva Pander Maat

The EU’s Cybersecurity Policy: Building a Resilient Regulatory Framework

in: Gabi Siboni/Limor Ezioni, Cybersecurity and Legal-Regulatory Aspects, Israel: World Scientific Publishing Company, January 2021


Annegret Bendiek

European digital sovereignty: Combining self-interest with due diligence

EU Policy Brief #5, Ottawa: Carleton University, Centre for European Studies, December 2020
Minna Ålander, Annegret Bendiek, Paul Bochtler

A Critical Perspective on Data Transparency in the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union

Methodological Challenges in Foreign Policy Research

Working Paper Research Division EU/Europe 2020/ No. 02, November 2020, 20 Pages


Peter Becker

The MFF 2021-2027: a Compromise with Long-term Consequences

in: Brexit Research and Interchange on Differentiated Governance in Europe (BRIDGE), 19.11.2020
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SWP Comments

Paweł Tokarski, Alexander Wiedmann
The Corona Debt Conundrum in the Eurozone

Limits to Stabilisation by Monetary Policy and the Search for Alternatives

Raphael Bossong
The Next Steps for EU Counterterrorism Policy

Evolving Threats of Jihadism, Right-wing Extremism, and Transatlantic Cooperation

SWP Research Papers

Eckhard Lübkemeier
Standing on Our Own Feet?

Opportunities and Risks of European Self-Defence

Peter Becker
A European Economic Policy in the Making

Success with Modest Means