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Christian Timm

Economic regulation and state interventions

Georgia's move from neoliberalism to state-managed capitalism

PFH Working Paper 2013/03, Private Hochschule Göttingen, Göttingen 2013
Lars-Christian U. Talseth

The EU-Russia Energy Dialogue

Travelling Without Moving

Working Paper FG 5, 2012/Nr. 01, April 2012, 20 Pages
Margarete Klein

Ways Out of Russia's Isolation on Syria

in: The Moscow Times, 30.03.2012 (online)
Sabine Fischer (ed.)

Russia - Insights from a changing country

EUISS Report No. 11, Paris, March 2012
Margarete Klein

Towards a »new look« of the Russian armed forces?

Organizational and personnel changes

in: Roger N. McDermott/ Bertil Nygren/ Carolina Vendil Pallin (eds.), The Russian Armed Forces in Transition, New York 2012, pp. 29-48
Margarete Klein, Andrea Schmitz, Hans-Henning Schröder, Susan Stewart (eds.)

Presidents, Oligarchs and Democrats: Forms of Rule in the Post-Soviet Space

Farnham: Ashgate, 2012
Jonas Grätz

Common Rules without Strategy: EU Energy Policy and Russia

in: Duffield, John S. / Birchfield, Vicki L. (eds.), Toward a Common European Union Energy Policy, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke 2011, pp. 61-85
David Rinnert

The Eastern Partnership in Georgia

Increasing Efficiency of EU Neighborhood Policies in the South Caucasus?

Working Paper FG 5, 2011/Nr.01, March 2011, 25 Pages
Christian Timm

From Corruption to Rotation. Politics in Georgia before and after the Rose Revolution

in: Susan Stewart, Hans-Henning Schröder et al. (eds.), Presidents, Oligarchs and Bureaucrats: Forms of Rule in the Post-Soviet Space, Ashgate: London 2011
Andrea Schmitz

The Central Asia Strategy: An Exercise in EU Foreign Policy

in: Alexander Warkotsch (ed.), The European Union and Central Asia, London et al. 2010, pp. 11-21
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SWP Comments

Dumitru Minzarari
The Russian Military Escalation around Ukraine’s Donbas

Risks and Scenarios for a Revised EU Policy

Franziska Smolnik, Mikheil Sarjveladze, Giorgi Tadumadze
Deadlock in Georgia

Political Crisis and Regional Changes Need an EU Response