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Julia Horovetska, Bettina Rudloff, Susan Stewart

Agriculture in Ukraine: Economic and Political Frameworks

Working Paper Research Division Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2017/Nr. 01 and Research Division EU/Europe 2017/Nr. 4, December 2017, 56 pages
Susan Stewart, Jan Matti Dollbaum

Civil Society Development in Russia and Ukraine: Diverging Paths

in: Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Volume 50, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 207-220
Moritz Pieper

New US sanctions bill on Russia threatens to further erode Minsk agreement

in: openDemocracy, oDR – Russia and beyond, 27 July 2017 (online)
Moritz Pieper

Russia has a serious stake in Libya’s uncertain future

in: The Conversation, 20. Juni 2017 (online)
Steffen Halling, Serhiy Tkachenko

Electoral Reform in Ukraine

Challenges and Prospects

European Platform for Democratic Elections / OPORA/ Committee of Voters of Ukraine (eds.), EPDE Policy Paper, June 2017
Fabian Burkhardt

Presidential Power in Putin’s Third Term: Was Crimea a Critical Juncture in Domestic Politics?

in: A. Barbashin/ F. Burkhardt/O. Irisova/E. Wyciszkiewicz (Eds.): A Successful Failure. Russia after Crime(a), Warsaw: The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, 2017, pp. 119-141
Christian Timm

Legitimacy and State-led Economic Policy in Georgia

in: Martin Brusis, Martin Schulze Wessel et al. (eds.), Politics and Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Eurasia, Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire 2015
Liana Fix, Andrea Gawrich

Niemiecka polityka zagraniczna a rewolucja na Ukrainie

in: Centre for International Relations Warsaw, Biuletyn Niemiecki Nr. 46, 30.04.2014, S. 2-5
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SWP Comments

Dumitru Minzarari
The Russian Military Escalation around Ukraine’s Donbas

Risks and Scenarios for a Revised EU Policy

Franziska Smolnik, Mikheil Sarjveladze, Giorgi Tadumadze
Deadlock in Georgia

Political Crisis and Regional Changes Need an EU Response