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Franziska Smolnik

Ambitionen, Konditionen, Restriktionen

Georgien auf der Neuen Seidenstraße

in: Osteuropa 7/2018, S. 121–140
Moritz Pieper

Russkiy Mir: The Geopolitics of Russian Compatriots Abroad

in: Geopolitics, 25. Mai 2018 (online)


Moritz Pieper

Russia’s decision to withdraw from Syria isn’t about how to leave, but how to stay

in: The Conversation, 15. Dezember 2017 (online)
Julia Horovetska, Bettina Rudloff, Susan Stewart

Agriculture in Ukraine: Economic and Political Frameworks

Working Paper Research Division Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2017/Nr. 01 and Research Division EU/Europe 2017/Nr. 4, December 2017, 56 pages
Sebastian Schiek

Anschläge in New York, Stockholm, Istanbul und St. Petersburg

Zentralasien-Experte: Täter wurden im Ausland radikalisiert

Interview von Ute Meyer, in: Deutschlandfunk, 01.11.2017 (online)
Sabine Fischer

Verhältnis USA und Russland: "Die Feindbildproduktion spielt weiterhin eine wichtige Rolle"

Interview von Susanne Schrammar, in: Deutschlandfunk, 01.09.2017 (online)
Susan Stewart, Jan Matti Dollbaum

Civil Society Development in Russia and Ukraine: Diverging Paths

in: Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Volume 50, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 207-220
Moritz Pieper

New US sanctions bill on Russia threatens to further erode Minsk agreement

in: openDemocracy, oDR – Russia and beyond, 27 July 2017 (online)
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SWP Comments

Fabian Burkhardt
Russia’s “Passportisation” of the Donbas

The Mass Naturalisation of Ukrainians Is More Than a Foreign Policy Tool

Muriel Asseburg, Hamidreza Azizi, Galip Dalay, Moritz Pieper
The Covid-19 Pandemic and Conflict Dynamics in Syria

Neither a Turning Point Nor an Overall Determinant

SWP Research Papers

Andrea Schmitz
Uzbekistan’s Transformation

Strategies and Perspectives

Franziska Smolnik
Cooperation, Trust, Security?

The Potential and Limits of the OSCE’s Economic and Environmental Dimension