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R. Haak, Hanns Günther Hilpert (eds.)

Japan and China: Cooperation, Competition and Conflict

Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave, 2002
Boris Wilke

State Formation and the Military in Pakistan

Reflections on the Armed Forces, their State and some of their Competitors

Arbeitspapier 2/2001 der Forschungsstelle Kriege, Rüstung und Entwicklung, Universität Hamburg, February 2001, 39 pages
Kay Möller †

China: Global or Regional Player?

Great Power, Partner, or Chaotic Power?

in: Heinz Gärtner / Adrian Hyde-Price / Erich Reiter (eds.), Europe's New Security Challenges, Bolder/London 2001, pp. 407-426
Christian Wagner

The ASEAN-India Relationship

The Role of the United States

in: Frédéric Grare, Amitabh Mattoo (eds.) India and ASEAN The Politics of India's Look East Policy New Delhi: Manohar, 2001, pp. 205-231
Kay Möller †

China and World Order: Between Non-Interference and Intervention

in: China Perspectives, (May-June 2000) 29, pp. 4-10
Young-kwan Yoon

South Korea in 1999: Overcoming Cold War Legacies

Asian Survey (January/February 2000), pp.164-171
Citha D. Maaß

Globalisation and development policy

in: A.K.M. Abdus-Sabur (ed.) Development cooperation at the dawn of the twenty-first century Dhaka: Asiatic Civil Military Press, 2000, pp. 78-88
Kay Möller †

ASEAN and the United States: For Want of Alternatives

in: Jörn Dosch / Manfred Mols (eds.), International Relations in the Asia-Pacific, New Patterns of Power, Interest, and Cooperation, Münster/New York 2000, pp. 155-169
Displaying results 271 to 280 out of 280
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SWP Comments

Andrea Frenzel, Nadine Godehardt
Improving Europe’s China Competence

On the Significance of China Competence for German and European Policy on China

Christian Wagner
The Indian-Chinese Confrontation in the Himalayas

A Stress Test for India’s Strategic Autonomy

SWP Research Papers

Felix Heiduk, Gudrun Wacker
From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific

Significance, Implementation and Challenges

Barbara Lippert, Volker Perthes (eds.)
Strategic Rivalry between United States and China

Causes, Trajectories, and Implications for Europe