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Sebastian Bersick

Strategic Considerations in the US-China Relationship and the Role of European Soft Power

in: Asia Europe Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2/ 2006, pp. 251-264
Gudrun Wacker

EU-China Relations

The Issue of the Arms Embargo

in: Euro Future, (Spring) 2006, pp. 118-121
Christian Wagner

India's New Quest for Intra- and Interregional Politics

in: Sebastian Bersick, Wim Stokhof, Paul van der Velde (eds.), Multiregionalism and Multilateralism Asian-European Relations in a Global Context, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2006, pp. 47-59
Jasmin Lorch

Do Civil Society Actors Have any Room for Manoeuvre in Myanmar/ Burma?

Locating Gaps in the Authoritarian System

in: Heinrich Böll Foundation (ed.) Chiang Mai 2006, pp. 120-139 (online)
Kay Möller †

Discussion of "China Goes West"

Commentary, in: Policy Forum Online, Nautilus Institute, April 2006
Jasmin Lorch

Civil Society under Authoritarian Rule

The Case of Myanmar

in: Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, 2/2006, pp. 3-37
Lili Xiong

An Analysis on Cooperation between China and International Specialized Organizations

A Case Study of Cooperation between China and WHO during the SARS Crisis in 2003

in: Aichi Forum, Vol. 80, Nagoya, March 2006
Bernt Berger

China's Engagement in Africa: Can the EU Sit Back?

in: South African Journal for International Affairs, Special Issue on China in Africa, 1/2006, pp.115-127
Jasmin Lorch

Civil Society under Authoritarian Rule: The Case of Myanmar

in: Südostasien aktuell, Heft 2/2006, S. 3-37
Christian Wagner

From Hard Power to Soft Power?

Ideas, Interaction, Institutions, and Images in India's South Asia Policy

Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics, Working Paper No. 26, Heidelberg 2005
Displaying results 241 to 250 out of 280

SWP Comments

Andrea Frenzel, Nadine Godehardt
Improving Europe’s China Competence

On the Significance of China Competence for German and European Policy on China

Christian Wagner
The Indian-Chinese Confrontation in the Himalayas

A Stress Test for India’s Strategic Autonomy

SWP Research Papers

Felix Heiduk, Gudrun Wacker
From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific

Significance, Implementation and Challenges

Barbara Lippert, Volker Perthes (eds.)
Strategic Rivalry between United States and China

Causes, Trajectories, and Implications for Europe