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Thomas Ruttig

Islamists, Leftists - and a Void in the Center

Afghanistan's political Parties and where they come from (1902-2006)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. (ed.). Kabul, 2006
Felix Heiduk

Conflict Analysis

Province of Aceh/ Indonesia

Series of Country-Related Conflict Analysis Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, October 2006
Gerhard Will

Political and Societal Change in Myanmar/ Burma and Vietnam

Old Limitations and New Chances for Civic Organizations

in: Heinrich Böll Foundation (ed.): Active Citizens under Political Wraps: Experiences from Myanmar/ Burma and Vietnam Chiang Mai 2006, pp. 26-30
Christian Wagner

Welcome to Interdependence

Energy, Security, and Foreign Policy in India

Working Paper FG 7, 2006/Nr 02, September 2006, 9 Pages
Lili Xiong

A Debate between Order and Justice

Influence of International Political Ethics on Iraq War

in: Aichi Forum, Vol. 81, Nagoya, September 2006
Lili Xiong

The End of the Japanese ODA to China

in: Contemporary International Relations, No. 9, September 2006
Anne J. Braun

Informal Employment

Integration or Segregation of the Labour Market?

in: Michaela Baur, Bettina Gransow, Yihong Jin, Guoqing Shi (eds.) Labour Mobility in Urban China: An Integrated Labour Market in the Making? Reihe Berliner China Studien, No 46, pp. 161-174
Citha D. Maaß

National Reconciliation in Afghanistan

Conflict History and the Search for an Afghan Approach

in: Detlef Kantowsky / Alois Graf v. Waldburg-Zeil (ed.) Internationales Asienforum International Quarterly for Asian Studies, Vol. 37 (2006), No. 1-2, Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institut, pp. 5-35
Christian Wagner

Religion, State, and Conflict in South Asia

in: Mufleh R. Osmany/ Shaheen Afroze (eds.) Religious Militancy and Security in South Asia Dhaka: Academic Press and Publishers Library 2006, pp. 94-110.
Sebastian Bersick, Wim Stockhof, Paul van der Velde (eds.)

Multiregionalism and Mulitlateralism

Asian-European Relations in a Global Context

Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam 2006
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SWP Comments

Andrea Frenzel, Nadine Godehardt
Improving Europe’s China Competence

On the Significance of China Competence for German and European Policy on China

Christian Wagner
The Indian-Chinese Confrontation in the Himalayas

A Stress Test for India’s Strategic Autonomy

SWP Research Papers

Felix Heiduk, Gudrun Wacker
From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific

Significance, Implementation and Challenges

Barbara Lippert, Volker Perthes (eds.)
Strategic Rivalry between United States and China

Causes, Trajectories, and Implications for Europe