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Volker Perthes

Germany and the Gulf: On the Way to a Policy?

Paper presented to the workshop "International Interests in the Gulf: Policy Implications for the GCC Members", Abu Dhabi, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies, 15/16 March 2004, 24 pages

Working Paper, March 2004, 24 Pages
Johannes Reissner †, Eugene Whitlock

Iran and Its Neighbors: Diverging Views on a Strategic Region - Vol. II

Working Paper, March 2004, 59 Pages
Volker Perthes

America's 'Greater Middle East' and Europe

Key Issues for the Transatlantic Dialogue

SWP Comment 2004/C 03, February 2004, 8 Pages
Peter Rudolf

The "Strategy of Freedom" in the Middle East

The Rhetoric and Reality of US Policy

SWP Comment 2004/C 02, January 2004, 8 Pages
Iris Glosemeyer, Volker Perthes

Anti-terror Reforms - A Snapshot of the Situation in Saudi Arabia

SWP Comment 2004/C 01, January 2004, 8 Pages
Josef Braml

Think Tanks versus "Denkfabriken"? U.S. and German Policy Research Institutes' Coping with and Influencing Their Environments

Strategien, Management und Organisation politikorientierter Forschungsinstitute (deutsche Zusammenfassung)

Nomos Books AMP Series 68, January 2004, 622 Pages
Marcus Schaper

Export Credit Agencies and Climate Change: What Can They Do about It?

INTACT Policy Paper

Intact, January 2004
Adolf Kloke-Lesch

German Development Policy on States at Risk and State-Building

Project and Conference Papers, January 2004
Patrick Köllner

South Korean Trends

Increasing socio-political cleavages and the issue of anti-Americanism

BCAS, December 2003, 7 Pages
Xinbo Wu

PRC Concerns over the Korean Issue

BCAS, December 2003, 2 Pages
Displaying results 1821 to 1830 out of 1974

SWP Comments

Frédéric Krumbein
Taiwan’s Threatened Democracy Stays on Course

Fear of China’s Dictatorship Pushes Taiwan’s President to a Landslide Victory

Günter Seufert
Turkey Shifts the Focus of Its Foreign Policy

From Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya

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