Taiwan 2nd Track

Taiwan 2nd Tack Dialogue - Group Picture 2012 Participants of the 9th Symposium on »Sino-EU Relations and the Taiwan Question« - 2012

The 9th Symposium on »Sino-EU Relations and the Taiwan Question«

A workshop jointly organized by Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) and Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP). With the friendly support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, Stuttgart.

June 30-July 3, 2012, Chongming Island, Shanghai, China

Saturday, June 30


Arrival of participants

Sunday, July 1


Welcome dinner
Host: Yang Jiemian (SIIS President)

Monday, July 2


Opening Remarks

Moderator: Yang Jian (SIIS Vice President)
Remarks: Yang Jiemian (SIIS), Gudrun Wacker (SWP) and TAO officials


Group Photo and Tea Break


Session One: Sino-EU Relations and the Taiwan Question under the Current International Situation

Moderator: Xu Shiquan
Keynote Speakers:
Zhou Hong
Gudrun Wacker, »Recent EU-China Relations and Obama's "Pivot" Towards Asia«
Ye Jiang, »Malfunction of the Economics: Debt Crisis and the Future of European Integration«
Christopher Hughes, »The Impact of Leadership Change on Cross-Strait Relations«
Huang Jing

Free Discussion


Session Two: Consolidation and Deepening of the Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations: the EU Perspective

Moderator: Gudrun Wacker
Keynote Speakers:
Hu Lingwei, »Outlook on the Future Cross-Strait Relations«
Mathieu Duchâtel, »Cross-strait relations after Ma Ying-jeou's re-election: Towards political negotiations?«
Yan Anlin, »Prospective Changes in Taiwan's Political Situation and Trends of Cross-Strait Relations after Ma Ying-jeou's Re-election«
Jean-Pierre Cabestan, »Taiwan's Changing Security Environment«
Xu Shiquan, »Cross-Strait Relations and DPP Transformation«

Free Discussion


Tea Break


Session Three: Assessment and Prospects of Cross- Strait Political Relations

Moderator: Yan Anlin
Keynote Speakers:
Liu Guoshen
Hermann Halbeisen, »The Second Ma Administration's Domestic Challenges, Implications for Cross-Strait Relations«
Guo Jianqing, »'Progress Amidst Stability' and Rebalance - Politics in Taiwan and Cross-Straits Relations in the aftermath of 2012 election«
Jonathan Sullivan, »Taiwan's 2012 presidential election«
Yu Xintian, »The Experience and Prospect of Cooperation between the Two Sides across the Straits in International Affairs«

Free Discussion

Tuesday, July 3


Session Four: Policy Recommendations

Moderator: Christopher Hughes
Keynote Speakers:
Xu Shiquan
Christopher M. Dent, »Green Energy and Low Carbon Development Strategy: A Possible New Future Area of Cross-Straits Co-operation?«
Zhou Hong
Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Free Discussion


Concluding Remarks

Moderator: Yu Xintian (Former SIIS President)
Remarks: Gudrun Wacker and Yang Jiemian


Local Visit

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