Taiwan 2nd Track

The 8th Annual Conference on

»China-EU Relations and the Taiwan Question«

A workshop jointly organized by
Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS)
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)
With the friendly support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, Stuttgart

June 23 - 25, 2011, Tongli (Jiangsu)


Thursday, June 23

18:00 Reception Dinner

Friday, June 24

09:30 Opening Remarks
Yang Jiemian
Gudrun Wacker
09:50 Group Photo
10:00 Session I: Development of China-EU Relations & Impact on the Cross-Strait Relations
Chairperson: Zhou Hong
Speakers: (10 minutes each)
Feng Zhongping, »The EU's New China Policy and the Future of Bilateral Ties«
Franz Jessen
Ye Jiang
Gudrun Wacker
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Discussion
Chairperson: Mathieu Duchâtel
12:00 Lunch (Howard Café, 3rd Floor)
14:30 Session II: The Peaceful Development and Prospect of the Cross-Strait Relations
Chairperson: Christopher Dent
Xu Shiquan
Jean-Pierre Cabestan, »Taiwan's Deteriorating Security Environment and its Impact on Cross-Strait Relations«
Shao Yuqun
Linda Jakobson, Reflections on the long-term implications of Ma Ying-jeou's policy of »Don't rock the boat«
Christopher Hughes, »Reassessing the Taiwan Relations Act as an International Regime«
15:10 Discussion
Chairperson: Ye Jiang
16:20 European participants meeting with Vice Minister of TAO (Venue: tba)
17:00 Speech given by Deputy Director of TAO (Tea House Jingsi Garden)
18:30 Dinner (Jingsi Garden Club)

Saturday, June 25

09:00 Session III: Evaluation of Political and Economic Development of Taiwan
Chairperson: Feng Zhongping
Yan Anlin, »Taiwan's Political Configuration Facing 2012«
Mathieu Duchâtel, »The DPP's Cross-Strait Policy under Tsai Ying-wen and the 2012 elections in Taiwan«
Yu Xintian, »The Mainland's Taiwan Policy over the Last Year - Progress and Tendencies«
Christopher Dent, »The China-Taiwan Economic Co-operation Framework Agreement (ECFA): What it Currently is, and What it Could Potentially Become«
09:40 Discussion
Chairperson: Linda Jakobson
10:40 Coffee Break
10:50 Session IV: Policy Recommendations towards China-Europe Relations and the Cross-Strait Relations
Chairperson: Jean-Pierre Cabestan
Liu Guoshen, »The Impact of Public Opinion Surveys in Taiwan on its Internal Politics and Cross-Straits Relations«
Christopher Hughes
Zhou Hong
11:30 Discussion
Chairperson: Chen Dongxiao
12:00 Wrap-up by:
Gudrun Wacker
Yang Jiemian
12:15 Working Lunch (Howard Café, 3rd Floor)
Afternoon Excursion trip

SWP Comments

Sinem Adar
Repatriation to Turkey’s “Safe Zone” in Northeast Syria

Ankara’s Goals and European Concerns

Emanuele Caggiano, Paweł Tokarski
PD and M5S: The Italian Alliance of Convenience

The Power of the Status Quo in a Challenging Economic Context

SWP Research Papers

Claudia Zilla
Evangelicals and Politics in Brazil

The Relevance of Religious Change in Latin America

Franziska Smolnik
Cooperation, Trust, Security?

The Potential and Limits of the OSCE’s Economic and Environmental Dimension