Intra- and Inter-Societal Sources of Instability in the Caucasus and EU Opportunities to Respond (ISSICEU) (compl.)


Intra- and Inter-Societal Sources of Instability in the Caucasus and EU Opportunities to Respond (ISSICEU)

ISSICEU is an international research project conducted by SWP and seven other research institutions in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Switzerland, the Russian Federation and Turkey. ISSICEU analyses sources of stability and instability in the Caucasus regarding political regimes, civic participation, economic interdependencies and neighbourhood influences. Cases will cover the entire Caucasus region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the North Caucasus republics of the Russian Federation, as well as the neighbouring countries Turkey and Iran. ISSICEU will also reflect on the secessionist territories in the South Caucasus. On the basis of its extensive research ISSICEU aims at providing policy recommendations on opportunities for policy-makers to contribute to long-term stability in the Caucasus societies as well as the entire region. The project runs from January 2014 to December 2016 and is financed by the European Union.

Within the ISSICEU framework SWP focuses on the role of Turkey as an actor and factor in configuring political space in the Caucasus, particularly in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. On a theoretical plane, SWP contributes to the research field on the interface between political sociology and International relations.

Project staff at SWP:

Dr. Sabine Fischer
Leader of the SWP ISSICEU team

Yana Zabanova

Andrea Weiss

Associate Researchers:
Uwe Halbach
Franziska Smolnik

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