Health in Foreign Policy

Health, mainly the fight against infectious diseases and the development of resilient health systems, is gaining importance in international platforms worldwide. The SWP aims at strengthening health issues in the international and security affairs debate in Germany. In a pilot project we first identified core research needs and connected existing German expertise in the field of global health. Building on these results, we will develop a framework for a three-year research project with three main focus areas: First, we will provide a review of the challenges existing in foreign, security and development policy for German as well as European health policy; Second, we will examine the multilateral aspects of health promotion and crisis preparedness and management; Third, we will conduct several case studies on health care, disease prevention and health promotion under difficult circumstances like armed conflicts and health crisis in selected countries. The main goal of the project is to map out and develop policy-relevant suggestions for strengthening health systems in line with a health in all policies approach.
With this research project, the SWP aims to contribute to coherent and sustainable German global health policy. The project is conducted within the Global Issues Division with the pilot phase ending in June 2018.


Project coordinator:Steffen Angenendt
Research associate:Maike Voss
Project support:Iris Hunger, Robert Koch-Institute
Funding:The project is funded by the Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung

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