Global Health

Health, mainly infectious diseases preparedness and response as well as the development of resilient health systems, is gaining importance as an aspect of international and security policy. Disease prevention and health promotion in other countries and on the international level has been one traditional domain of development policy.

The SWP aims at strengthening health issues in the international, development and security policy debate in Germany and has therefore initiated a three-year research project “Challenges and opportunities for German global health and development policy for achieving health-related sustainable development goals (SDGs)”. The research agenda of the project has three key focus areas: First, we will provide a review of the challenges in global health governance to achieve the health related SDGs. Second, we will examine the synergies between health promotion, universal health coverage and health security at multilateral level and third, in several country case studies.

The goal of this project is to develop policy-relevant recommendations for strengthening health systems and managing health crises in line with the health in all policies-approach. Therefore we will provide a platform for policy dialogues with relevant stakeholders. With this research project, the SWP aims to contribute to a coherent and sustainable German global health policy. The project is conducted within SWP’s Global Issues Division.

The project is funded by the The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Maike Voss

Project supervisor

Daniel Gulati

Project associate

Susan Bergner

Project assistant

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