German-Turkish Roundtable on International Affairs

Since 2010, the German-Turkish Roundtable (GTRT) on International Affairs works as a forum for German and Turkish Members of Parliament, Government officials and academics to engage in a dialogue on regional and global developments that effect the foreign policy of both countries.

Participants convey annually in Berlin or Istanbul under the so called Chatham House Rules to ensure confidentiality that permits open discussion. From 2014 onwards a preparatory workshop introduces participants into the respective subject and allows for joint planning of the Roundtable. SWP and Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) at Sabanci University jointly design and conduct both events in close cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Project coordinators: Prof. Dr. Bahri Yilmaz (IPC), Dr. Günter Seufert (SWP)
Research Assistant:
Tannas Michel (SWP)


GTRT 2016 Berlin and Istanbul
»The Temptation of the Call to Jihad: Prevention and Cooperation«

GTRT 2015, Istanbul and Berlin
»Interventions of the West in Muslim Countries and Lessons to be learned from Afghanistan«

GTRT 2014, Berlin und Istanbul
»Germany's and Turkey's bilateral Relations with Russia«

GTRT 2013, Berlin
»Turkey and major Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa«

GTRT 2012, Istanbul
»China’s growing Clout in international Relations«

GTRT 2011, Berlin
»The Arab Spring: Chances and Challenges for a Cooperation between the EU and Turkey in the political Transformation Process«

GTRT 2010, Istanbul
»Prospects for the Roles of Germany and Turkey in the Middle East«




Günter Seufert, Cem Sey

Turkey in Afghanistan

A Successful Stakeholder, But a Difficult Partner

SWP Comment 2016/C 28, May 2016, 4 Pages

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