Transatlantic Foreign Policy Discourse (compl.)

The Transatlantic Foreign Policy Discourse (TFPD) project allowed SWP to engage practitioners from governments and parliaments on the one hand and think tank researchers and other academic experts on the other hand in a highly fruitful dialogue on a wide range of foreign and security policy challenges. The project sought to raise awareness of multilateral approaches to coping with a number of challenges. Funded through the Key Institutions Program of the German Marshall Fund of the United States from 2002 until 2008, SWP was able to establish self-sustaining working groups under the umbrella theme of »Diverging Views on World Order? Transatlantic Foreign Policy Discourse in a Globalizing World«.

The TFPD project website is available here:

Working Groups 2002-2008:

  • Post-Conflict Management
  • The Role of Islamists
  • State's Economic Role
  • Transatlantic Security
  • China's Rise
  • Russia, US and the EU
  • Military Transformation
  • Iran
  • Balkans Policies
  • EU Enlargement
  • States at Risk
  • Military Co-Operability
  • Middle East

SWP Comments

Lidia Averbukh, Margarete Klein
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Laura von Daniels
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Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Puts Pressure on the EU

SWP Research Papers

Rainer Glatz, Wibke Hansen, Markus Kaim, Judith Vorrath
Missions in a Changing World

The Bundeswehr and Its Operations Abroad

Lars Brozus (ed.)
While We Were Planning

Unexpected Developments in International Politics. Foresight Contributions 2018