Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE) (compl.)

Duration: 2013 - 30.04.2017

 Financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence

 "Security and Defence in Northern Europe" (SNE) is a cooperative research program among The Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC, and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin.

 With current geopolitical and geo-economic shifts, a mix of new and traditional threats, and increasing pressure on national defence budgets, Euro-Atlantic security is in a period of transformation. SNE explores contemporary opportunities and challenges embodied in evolving patterns of security and defence cooperation, by seeking answers to questions like:

  • What will be the future role of Northern Europe in an evolving Euro-Atlantic security architecture?

  • How should regional cooperation be linked to existing institutional frameworks and how will key actors in the region (e.g. Germany) and outside (e.g. U.S.) position themselves towards stronger regional cooperation?

  • Should regional cooperation be limited to the pooling and sharing of capabilities or should it include a political dimension, i.e. forums for discussions on strategy and security policy?

  • Does enhanced regional and bilateral cooperation between Northern European countries add value to European and Western security and defence efforts or does it create additional layers without added value, creating instead additional costs and a "tiered" alliance? Does cooperation have an enabling or divisive effect?

In the framework of seminars and workshops, this program seeks to engage experts and policymakers in a discussion on the future of defence cooperation in Europe. In the course of the program, studies, analyses and comments will be published.

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SWP Partners

The project was completed in April 2017.


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Defining the New Balance in View of the Warsaw Summit

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