The SANDERA Project (compl.)

SWP participated in the project »The Future Impact of Security and Defence Policies on the European Research Area« (SANDERA). The task has been given and the contract awarded by the European Commission (DG Research). The project started on 1 June 2009 and ended on 31 May 2011. The objective was to organise a dialogue between the European security policy community and the science and technology community whilst the broader scientific public was invited to participate as well.

Further information and the final report on SANDERA Project you will find at SANDERA's Website at:

SWP Comments

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SWP Research Papers

Peter Lintl (ed.)
Actors in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Interests, Narratives and the Reciprocal Effects of the Occupation

Uwe Halbach
Chechnya’s Status within the Russian Federation

Ramzan Kadyrov’s Private State and Vladimir Putin’s Federal “Power Vertical”