MORE - Modelling and mapping the risk of Serious and Organised Crime Infiltration in legitimate businesses across European territories and sectors (compl.)


Identify, model and map the risk of Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) infiltration in legitimate business in the 28 EU MS. This will be achieved by:

  • collecting and analysing data and cases of SOC infiltration in the 28 EU MS
  • identifying the Risk Factors (RF)
  • developing a Risk Assessment Model (RAM)
  • implementing the RAM and producing maps of risk of SOC infiltration across territories and business sectors in the 28 EU MS.


Transcrime (leading applicant, Italy); SWP (co-partner, Germany); Brå (co-partner, Sweden); BKA (associate partner, Germany); EUROPOL (associate partner); MININT (associate partner, Italy).


January 2016 – May 2018.


The project builds on three previous research projects lead by Transcrime:

  1. Mafia investments - PON, 2013;
  2. Organised Crime Portfolio - OCP, 2015;
  3. Assessing the Risk of the Infiltration of Organized Crime in EU MSs Legitimate Economies: a Pilot Project in 5 EU MSs - ARIEL, 2015


Data and cases on SOC infiltration are collected through a range of quantitative and qualitative sources (judiciary files, police reports, and data on confiscated assets) and methods (data access, interviews, text analytics). The analysis is partly macro (statistics) and partly micro (case-studies).

The RAM is a composite risk score and is developed through updated risk-management techniques; it will be tested through a control sample in Italy, Germany and Sweden.


Database accessible to partners and other stakeholders with data collected on the SOC infiltration in legitimate businesses; Minutes of workshops; Final report presenting the results of the RAM implementation, maps, country profiles and case-studies; Website of the project; Final conference.

Preliminary results are disseminated in occasion of the European Society of Criminology conference in September 2016, at the International Symposium on Economic Crime in September 2016, and at the American Society of Criminology conference in November 2016.

Final Report of the MORE project


Verena Zoppei, e-mail: Verena.Zoppei(at)


This project is funded with support from the European Commission – HOME/2014/ISFP/AG/EFCE ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME, CORRUPTION, ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME.

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