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Uwe Halbach

After the Boston Attacks: The Role of Terrorism in the Northern Caucasus

Because the Boston Bombers came from Chechnya, the country is now back on the public agenda. Uwe Halbach analyzes the situation in Chechnya and sheds light on the background of Islamist terror in the Northern Caucasus.

Point of View, June 2013
Judith Vorrath

Kenya and Zimbabwe: Power Sharing Does Not Guarantee Successful Elections

After a period of power sharing, elections in Kenya have been successful. However, a similar success cannot be expected in Zimbabwe. Judith Vorrath argues that power sharing is not a guarantee for change.

Point of View, May 2013
Hans-Henning Schröder

Campaign Against NGOs: Putin on a Patriotic Path

Actions against Russian non-governmental organizations and other opposition figures are the result of a shift in national policy towards promoting patriotism. However, this path, chosen to stabilise the regime, has become more and more of a problem for the leadership itself, argues Hans-Henning Schröder.

Point of View, April 2013
Stormy-Annika Mildner, Kirsten Westphal

The U.S. Energy Revolution: Retreat from the Middle East?

Although an energy revolution is taking place in the U.S., it is unlikely that this will cause the country to lose interest in the Middle East, argue Stormy-Annika Mildner and Kirsten Westphal.

Point of View, February 2013
Nagwan El Ashwal

Egypt on the brink of ungovernability

Current events in Egypt are often represented as a confrontation between two camps: one that is bent on establishing a dictatorship, while the other one is struggling to defend freedom and democracy. In reality, all parties in Egypt today are pushing the country to the brink of ungovernability, though each in its own way, says Nagwan El Ashwal.

Point of View, February 2013
Walter Posch

USA - Iran: Did Khamenei say "no" to direct talks?

Walter Posch analyzes Khamenei's speech which he held on the occasion of his annual talk to the Iranian Air Force personnel.

Point of View, February 2013
Henriette Rytz

The pivot to Asia - Overcoming a Communication Problem (Kopie 1)

Obama should present the pivot to Asia as a chance for enhancing transatlantic cooperation instead of diminishing it, says Henriette Rytz.

Point of View, February 2013
Stephan Roll

Morsi: How Valid is the Criticism Against the President?

The Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is being heavily criticized. However, the complicated situation in Egypt urges the observer to take a closer look. Stephan Roll scrutinizes the five most important points of criticism.

Point of View, January 2013
Dušan Reljić

The West Balkans: Accessing the Union

Regional stability in South East Europe, as the main concern of the EU enlargement policy, needs to be supported further. Dušan Reljic thinks it is necessary to publicly strengthen the spirit of Europe to achieve this goal.

Point of View, November 2012
Gudrun Wacker

Chinese Reforms Remain Difficult

Even if, contrary to all expectations, the new Chinese leadership embarks on a path of fundamental reforms, their implementation will face enormous structural obstacles, says Gudrun Wacker.

Point of View, November 2012
Displaying results 61 to 70 out of 72

SWP Comments

Christian Wagner, Siddharth Tripathi
New Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal

Opportunities and Perspectives of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)

Felix Heiduk
Myanmar, the Rohingya Crisis, and Further EU Sanctions