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Ekkehard Brose

Transatlantic Stock Taking

Transatlantic relations are not only showing cracks in the bedrock of shared values but are also vexed by the tensions of practical burden sharing. Issues worth discussing when Merkel and Obama meet in Washington this week, thinks Ekkehard Brose.

Point of View, April 2014
Ekkehard Brose

In Ukraine, the West cannot do without Russia

Putin's Crimean land-grab has changed the political landscape. Neither Russia nor the West can stand idly by, however, as a large state in Europe threatens to founder. In supporting Ukraine, the West has no other option but to seek cooperation with Moscow says Ekkehard Brose.

Point of View, April 2014
Volker Perthes

Three years of conflict in Syria: No proxy war, no solution without society

Keeping the Syrian state intact entails powersharing among all its constituent groups. The Geneva process should, therefore, be complemented by a consultative gathering of respected citizens from all Syrian regions, ethnic and confessional groups, says Volker Perthes.

Point of View, March 2014
Ekkehard Brose

Recalibrating German Security Policy three years after Libya

The ideas behind the headlines from the Munich Security Conference had been ripening for years: Germany is ready to play a greater role in international crisis management. To make this policy viable, says Ekkehard Brose, a broad debate is called for.

Point of View, March 2014
Wolfram Lacher

International helplessness over Libya

There are no quick solutions for Libya’s chaos. Blind international activism only risks making matters worse, writes Wolfram Lacher. Discreet support in the form of advice and expertise is and remains the right approach.

Point of View, February 2014
Isabelle Werenfels

Tunisia’s democratization: Learning from the disasters of others

The Tunisian democratization process is also an outcome of negative developments in other Arab states. At the same time, the Tunisian success sends important signals to other states in the region. European politicians should make use of these learning processes, says Isabelle Werenfels.

Point of View, January 2014
Annegret Bendiek

Europe Must Balance the Digital Hegemon

President Barack Obama's speech last week may have been meant to dispel concerns at home and abroad about U.S. surveillance activities, writes Annegret Bendiek. But Europe, and Germany in particular, are unlikely to be satisfied by the measures announced to reform the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Point of View, January 2014
Lars Brozus, Stephan Roll

Referendum in Egypt: International Monitoring Benefits the Regime

According to Lars Brozus and Stephan Roll, the EU should not monitor the Egyptian referendum, but instead push for political inclusion.

Point of View, January 2014
Walter Posch

Iran's Interests in the Nuclear Negotiations

Iran's goal in the nuclear negotiations is not just an easing of sanctions. Iran's rather constructive attitude is also a result of the domestic political moderation and the strengthening of Al-Qaeda in the region, writes Walter Posch.

Point of View, December 2013
Marcel Dickow, Oliver Meier, Max Mutschler, Michael Paul

The case for rethinking NATO missile defense plans

Because of uncertainties about future missile threats, a lack of support among U.S. allies, and financial risks, the allies would be well advised to reassess their plans before proceeding with the further implementation of NATO missile defense, Dickow, Meier, Mutschler and Paul say.

Point of View, November 2013
Displaying results 31 to 40 out of 62

SWP Comments

Ioannis N. Grigoriadis
Cyprus After Elections

Recapturing the Crans Montana Momentum for Peace Negotiations

Nicolai von Ondarza, Felix Schenuit
Reforming the European Parliament

Brexit Creates Opportunity for More than Just Seat Redistribution – But Plans Are Modest (for Now)