Information products for public use

Database World Affairs Online (WAO)

WAO covers scholarly literature in the field of international relations and area studies.

It refers to electronic publications (full texts), journal articles and articles in books, Grey Literature, official publication and books. In many cases there is a direct link to the full text.

Online Access

WAO is a cooperative offer of the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (FIV) that is coordinated by SWP.

IREON Gateway

The IREON Gateway is a search gateway in the field of international relations and area studies. Access is free of charge.

The IREON Gateway serves as central access point to scholarly literature in this field. It offers a direct search across several databases with international scholarly literature and links - as far as there is an electronic file - to the full text or indicates possibilities of lending the respective item. Besides the World Affairs Online (WAO) further databases are included like PAIS International (only for German residents), Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (only for German residents), LitDok produced by InWEnt, a sub-file of the library catalogue of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, treaties on security policy, tables of contents of journals OLC SSG-IBLK (only for German residents).

The IREON Gateway is produced by leading German and international research institutes and libraries cooperating in the German Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (FIV).

SWP Short Bibliography

SWP Short Bibliographies list current and important publications on specific topics. They include bibliographic references and links to selected publications in books or journals as well as links to books, research reports and texts on the Internet. Published occasionally covering various themes and accessible at the SWP-Website.

Current Awareness Service International Relations and Area Studies

This online bibliography is a systematic and regional classified list (PDF) with new entries of the database World Affairs Online (WAO).

Edited fortnightly with about 1.000 new entries per edition.

A printed edition of the current awareness service is available at: fiv(at)

European Thesaurus

Specialized vocabulary for the field of International Relations and Area Studies, given in eight European languages: German, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Spanish, Czech. Russian will be added in 2008.

The European Thesaurus International Relations and Area Studies supports the topical search within the IREON Gateway and the WAO database.

The European Thesaurus is online accessible and searchable under Keywords within the IREON Gateway.

The printed edition of the European Thesaurus is charged and may be ordered at: eurothesaurus(at) Detailed information on the different editions can be found at:

The European Thesaurus is the result of a cooperation effort within the "European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies" (EINIRAS).