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The advent of digital technologies demands new answers to many fundamental questions concerning the role of the state in society, making it necessary to both question and evolve existing legal norms. The debate portrayed here encompasses questions as diverse as the legal basis for intelligence services, internet censorship and shutdown, and data protection. With digital technologies now increasingly embedded in social interactions, they affect many areas of fundamental and human rights; this presents challenges as the institutions and safeguards required to guarantee them are often lacking. This has created a broad debate about human rights in digital space, how far they should extend and how they should be protected.


Ben Wagner

Global Free Expression? Governing the Boundaries of Internet Content

Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg 2016
Isabelle Werenfels, Mareike Transfeld

How Twitter can empower opposition forces in authoritarian countries

In: The Washington Post, December 2, 2016 (online)
Johannes Thimm

Inseparable, but Not Equal

Assessing U.S.–EU Relations in the Wake of the NSA Surveillance Affair

SWP Comment 2014/C 04, January 2014, 4 Pages
Annegret Bendiek, Tim Ridout

Restoring Trust in Internet Privacy and Data Security

The Obama administration and U.S. businesses have an enormous stake in restoring trust in Internet privacy and data security. According to Annegret Bendiek and Tim Ridout, signing the UN data protection resolution proposed by Germany and Brazil would be a good first step to do so.

Point of View, November 2013
Ben Wagner

Governing Internet Expression: How Public and Private Regulation Shape Expression Governance

In: Journal of Information Technology & Politics, Volume 10:4, pp. 389-403.
Ben Wagner

After the Arab Spring: New Paths for Human Rights and the Internet in European Foreign Policy

in: Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union, Brussels, July 2012.

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