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Galip Dalay

Why the Middle East Is Betting on China

Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East is highly transactional, focusing on energy and economics, and avoiding sensitive geopolitical issues. In a region as volatile as the Middle East, however, the question is how long such an approach can be sustained.

in: project-syndicate.org, 22.08.2019
Can Kasapoğlu

Turkey and the Russia's Deadly S-400: The Air Defense System That Changed Everything

The S-400 stands to change everything without firing a single shot.

in: nationalinterest.org, 20.07.2019
Hannah Lucinda Smith, Burhan Yuksekkas

How Putin turned Erdogan against the West

in: thetimes.co.uk, 17.07.2019
Galip Dalay

Istanbul Election: Remaking of Turkey’s New Political Landscape?

SWP Comment 2019/C 31, July 2019, 8 Pages


Sinem Adar

Religious difference, nationhood and citizenship in Turkey: public reactions to an interreligious marriage in 1962

in: The History of the Family, Volume 24, 2019 - Issue 3: Romantic Relationships across Boundaries: Global and Comparative, p. 520-538.
Bethan McKernan

The writing on the wall that could spell disaster for Erdoğan in Istanbul election

A shock mayoral win in March led the government to void elections. Polls suggest a new ballot on Sunday may boost the anti-government vote.

in: theguardian.com, 22.06.2019
Can Kasapoğlu

Beyond Obama’s Red Lines: The Syrian Arab Army and Chemical Warfare

SWP Comment 2019/C 27, June 2019, 4 Pages


T. Deniz Erkmen

Stuck in the Twilight Zone?

March 2019 Municipal Elections in Turkey

SWP Comment 2019/C 21, April 2019, 4 Pages


Güney Yildiz

Kurdistan: A State or a State of Mind?

Can the Kurds, the largest ethnicity in the Middle East without their own nation, overcome their internal disunity and find ways to exist as an independent state or as autonomous regions?

in: thecairoreview.com, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Cairo Review No. 33, Spring 2019
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SWP Comment

Sinem Adar, Nicola Bilotta, Aurélien Denizeau, Sinan Ekim, Dorothée Schmid, Günter Seufert, Ilke Toygür, Karol Wasilewski
Customs Union: Old Instrument, New Function in EU-Turkey Relations

Dimitar Bechev, Suat Kınıklıoğlu
Turkey and Russia: No Birds of the Same Feather

Working Paper

Doruk Arbay
The Modernization of the European Union's Customs Union with Turkey

Turkey's Pro-Customs Union Rhetoric and Recent Approach of Turkish Political and Business Decision-Makers

Katarzyna Czupa
Poland and the EU–Turkey Customs Union