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Reinhard Krumm, Sergei Medvedev, Hans-Henning Schröder (eds.)

Constructing Identities in Europe

German and Russian Perspectives

Nomos Books IPS Series 66, January 2012, 250 Pages
Roderick Parkes

European Migration Policy from Amsterdam to Lisbon

The end of the responsibility decade?

Nomos Books AMP Series 79, September 2010, 199 Pages
Benedikt Zanker

On the Viability of an International Lender of Last Resort

Nomos Books AMP Series 73, February 2007, 374 Pages
Daniela Schwarzer

Fiscal Policy Co-ordination in the European Monetary Union

A Preference-Based Explanation of Institutional Change

Nomos Books AMP Series 72, December 2006, 203 Pages
Wolf Grabendorff, Reimund Seidelmann (eds.)

Relations between the European Union and Latin America

Biregionalism in a Changing Global System

Nomos Books IPS Series 57, April 2005, 443 Pages
Andreas Rechkemmer

Postmodern Global Governance

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Nomos Books AMP Series 71, November 2004, 172 Pages
Josef Braml

Think Tanks versus "Denkfabriken"? U.S. and German Policy Research Institutes' Coping with and Influencing Their Environments

Strategien, Management und Organisation politikorientierter Forschungsinstitute (deutsche Zusammenfassung)

Nomos Books AMP Series 68, January 2004, 622 Pages
Martina Huber, Luc van de Goor (eds.)

Mainstreaming Conflict Prevention - Concept and Practice

CPN Yearbook 2000/01

Nomos Books AMP Series 60, December 2001, 274 Pages
Geoff Loane, Céline Moyroud (eds.)

Tracing Unintended Consequences of Humanitarian Assistance

The Case of Sudan Field Study and Recommendations for the European Community Humanitarian Office SWP-Conflict Prevention Network (SWP-CPN)

Nomos Books AMP Series 60, December 2000, 91 Pages
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SWP Comments

Dumitru Minzarari
The Russian Military Escalation around Ukraine’s Donbas

Risks and Scenarios for a Revised EU Policy

Franziska Smolnik, Mikheil Sarjveladze, Giorgi Tadumadze
Deadlock in Georgia

Political Crisis and Regional Changes Need an EU Response

SWP Research Papers

Daniel Voelsen
Internet from Space

How New Satellite Connections Could Affect Global Internet Governance

Sinem Adar, Günter Seufert
Turkey’s Presidential System after Two and a Half Years

An Overview of Institutions and Politics