New Corporate Design

Our new corporate design updates and modernises our visual presentation – with the quality of our work naturally remaining a constant. Many familiar elements have been retained or adapted: our blue and ochre signature colours are unaltered, rotated lettering adds a striking note to our logo. A stylised globe appears on our regular publications – SWP Research Papers, SWP Comments – as well as on our website and other communication formats. It stands for the internationalism and complexity of the issues and developments we deal with. We have improved the readability of our publications with a clearer structure, better accessibility, enhanced graphics and full-colour printing. The new design applies with immediate effect to our website and newsletter, as well as flyers, letters, and event and conference materials.

SWP Comments

Peter Lintl, Stefan Wolfrum
Israel’s Nation-State Law

Netanyahu Government Lays the Foundations for a Majoritarian System

Andreas Goldthau, Martin Keim, Kirsten Westphal
The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation

Governing the Shift: Transformation Dividends, Systemic Risks and New Uncertainties

SWP Research Papers

Muriel Asseburg, Wolfram Lacher, Mareike Transfeld
Mission Impossible?

UN Mediation in Libya, Syria and Yemen

Johannes Thimm
From Exception to Normalcy

The United States and the War on Terrorism