SWP Research Data Guidelines

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) places great weight on the independence, soundness and dependability of its research and advisory activities, and on the provision of a reliable information infrastructure. Research data forms the basis for and is the result of academic work. It is also an indispensable source for the traceability of research and advice. SWP makes research data available as an important component in its quality management for the purpose of safeguarding transparency, reproducibility and continued use.

By producing these guidelines, SWP is committing itself to the responsible handling of research data using the latest methods, and is building on its Open Access Guidelines.

At SWP, researchers are expressly asked to securely store research data in accordance with the recognised subject-specific standards based on the FAIR principles (as also described, for example, in the DFG Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice). Furthermore, they should document the data sufficiently, prepare it in a suitable way so it can be used again and publish it where appropriate.

As an institute, SWP has committed itself to fulfilling the principles formulated in the DFG codex. It is also creating the conditions and institutional infrastructure required for this. The responsibility for handling research data remains with the researchers. Research data is seen to be part of research work and belongs to the academic output of SWP.

Within its internal information infrastructure, SWP is continuing to expand the systems and staff required for research data management. Our aim is to advise and support researchers over the entire data lifecycle – from planning to the acquisition, selection and evaluation of data, and onto management with archiving, documentation and preparation of the data for further usage and publication. Researchers are asked to consult the responsible data analyst and the SWP research data management staff as early as possible in the research process.

Since the data is archived and verified in the SowiDataNet | datorium data archive or repository, it can be viewed as a research product in its own right and will remain available for a long period. When published, the data records are assigned persistent identifiers (DOI). They can also be found in larger research databases as standardised metadata is used in the descriptions.

SWP will review these guidelines on a regular basis in light of developments and revise them as necessary.

You will find the SWP Research Data Guidelines in a print-friendly PDF file here.

Coordinating Head of Information Infrastructure and Open Access Representative: Dr. Isabelle Tannous, isabelle.tannous(at)swp-berlin.org; +49 30 88007-312

Specialist for data analysis: Paul Bochtler, paul.bochtler(at)swp-berlin.org; +49 30 88007-165

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