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Muriel Asseburg, Volker Perthes, Andrey Kortunov, Aleksander Aksenenok

Russia and the EU in Syria: Need for New Approaches?

RIAC Working Paper, no 57/2020, Moscow: Russian International Affairs Council, November 2020
Wibke Hansen, Volker Perthes

Why Sudan’s Democratic Transition Depends on Stability in Darfur

in: World Politics Review (WPR), 17.03.2020 (online)
Volker Perthes

Toward a New Iran Nuclear Deal

in: Project Syndicate, 14.02.2020 (online).
Volker Perthes

Toward European Strategic Autonomy

Far from being an abstract concept, European strategic autonomy has huge practical implications, especially in military and economic terms. Realizing this goal will make Europe more prosperous, secure, and influential in a rapidly changing world.

in: Project Syndicate, 04.04.2019 (online)
Stefan Mair, Dirk Messner, Lutz Meyer (eds.)

Germany and the World 2030

Berlin: Econ Verlag, 2018, 365 S.
Hanns Maull (ed.)

The Rise and Decline of the Post-Cold War Order

Oxford University Press, Oxford, November 2018, 386 pages
Stefan Mair

From Geopolitics to Geoeconomics

in: Stefan Mair, Dirk Messner, Lutz Meyer (Hg.): Germany and the World 2030, Berlin: Econ Verlag, 2018, S. 75-81
Volker Perthes

Sustaining Europe’s Security Trio

Credible joint initiatives by France, Germany, and the UK will have a greater international impact than a common European position emanating from a debate in the EU’s Political and Security Committee. Fostering deeper collaboration among the EU's "big three" must therefore remain at the top of the agenda before and after Brexit.

in: Project Syndicate, 28.08.2018, (online)
Volker Perthes

Middle East: Shifting Geometry, Simmering Conflicts

in: Survival, Volume 60, May 2018, Issue 3, pp. 95-104 (SWP Preprint of an external publication)
Volker Perthes

Merkel, Macron and May: Start talking to Iran about a new deal

Now that Donald Trump has broken the Iran deal, and transatlantic ties, Germany, France and Britain should start their own initiative to negotiate a security framework with Iran, says a leading German strategy thinker.

in: Handelsblatt Global, 14.05.2018 (online)
Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 106
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SWP Comments

Lars Brozus
(Not) Lost in Foresight

Structuring Futures Complexity in a Politically Meaningful Way

Kirsten Westphal
Nord Stream 2 – Germany’s Dilemma

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Daniel Voelsen
Internet from Space

How New Satellite Connections Could Affect Global Internet Governance

Sinem Adar, Günter Seufert
Turkey’s Presidential System after Two and a Half Years

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