• Africa – G20 and Proposals for Marshall Plans

    New Instruments for New External Economic Settings?

    Africa ranks high on Europe’s – and especially Germany’s – political agenda for 2017. The broader framework of relations is in flux, with the United States’ economic policies turning inward, China’s economic growth tailing off, and a number of economic… more

  • Syria’s Sectarian Quandary

    Without Solving Sunni Dispossession, the Geneva Talks Skirt around the Conflict

    A U.S. missile strike against the Assad regime in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack may have lessened a fear of Russia among countries that nominally back the Syrian opposition. Renewed U.S. diplomatic engagement in Syria could relieve… more

  • A Permanent State of Sanctions?

    Proposal for a More Flexible EU Sanctions Policy toward Russia

    Sanctions seem to have become a permanent element in relations between the EU and Russia. They have contributed to curbing the war in Donbas but are not capable of forcing Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine and implement the Minsk agreements. In 2017,… more

  • European Defence in View of Brexit

    Europe’s military power might not suffer, but its political clout is at risk

    The United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Theresa May’s official request, on March 29th, to leave the European Union (EU) will change the way European countries organise their defence policies. Europeans have always managed their defence via various… more

  • Israel on the Road to the Orient?

    The Cultural and Political Rise of the Mizrahim

    The Israeli debate sparked by the manslaughter trial of an IDF soldier over an incident in Hebron in March 2016 reveals an identity dimension as well as an ethical one. The perpetrator – convicted of shooting a Palestinian assailant in the head when he… more

Analytical and academic papers

Evita Schmieg

Africa – G20 and Proposals for Marshall Plans

SWP Comments 2017/C 13, April 2017, 4 Pages
Khaled Yacoub Oweis

Syria’s Sectarian Quandary

SWP Comments 2017/C 12, April 2017, 8 Pages
Sabine Fischer

EU – Russia: A Permanent State of Sanctions?

SWP Comments 2017/C 11, April 2017, 8 Pages
Evita Schmieg

Cuba “Updates” Its Economic Model

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 06, April 2017, 28 Pages


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Sustainability, Climate and Energy

The new dossier deals with developments in the field of sustainability, climate and energy. It displays publications and other products by SWP researchers that track international and European policy processes, and discuss recommendations for action.

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Ukrainischer Soldat an einem Checkpoint nahe Debalzewe, Region Donezk, Ukraine, 19.02.2015; Quelle: dpa-picturealliance

Crisis in and around Ukraine

New dossier: Internal and external developments in Ukraine and Russia; repercussions of crisis in the region and for European and international security.

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