• Refugee Policy in Northern Europe

    Nordic Countries Grow Closer but Differences Remain

    One year after the great refugee influx reached Europe, lasting changes are seen to have occurred in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. All four have tightened their asylum policies, in some cases drastically, and border controls between them have been… more

  • Reforming NATO’s Partnerships

    Since 1994, NATO has created partnerships as an institutional framework for its relations with countries that cannot or do not want to become Alliance members. In the past 20 years, the circle of countries involved has become ever larger, the associated… 


  • The Military Topography of Syria’s South

    Fickle External Support for Moderates; Resurgent Islamic State in Birthplace of the Revolt

    The Russian air attacks on Aleppo have diverted attention from Moscow’s intervention intended to secure Bashar al-Assad’s position in Damascus. Extending beyond northern Syria, Moscow’s direct military involvement has instilled fear in the countries… more

  • More bones to pick with the EU?

    Controversial Poultry Exports to Africa: Sustainable Trade Policy as a Task for the G20

    In the course of signing Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and African regions, an old topic became fashionable again: If the partner countries in Africa partially open up their markets, imported products such as chicken cuts, particularly… more

  • Petra Becker, Friederike Stolleis

    The Crushing of Syria’s Civil Actors

    Survival of Grassroots Structures is Crucial for Country’s Future

    The Syrian regime’s strategy of using sieges and bombardments to force rebel-held areas to surrender is bringing it closer to its goal of eliminating independent civil-society engagement and alternative governance structures. Over the past six years,… more

Analytical and academic papers

Tobias Etzold

Refugee Policy in Northern Europe

SWP Comments 2017/C 01, January 2017, 4 Pages
Khaled Yacoub Oweis

The Military Topography of Syria’s South

SWP Comments 2016/C 56, December 2016, 8 Pages
Bettina Rudloff, Evita Schmieg

More bones to pick with the EU?

SWP Comments 2016/C 57, December 2016, 4 Pages
Markus Kaim

Reforming NATO’s Partnerships

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 01, January 2017, 23 Pages
Alida Vračić

Turkey’s Role in the Western Balkans

SWP Research Paper 2016/RP 11, December 2016, 34 Pages

»Point of View«

Paweł Tokarski

"Italian reforms will come to standstill"

Italy’s dismissal of Matteo Renzi’s reform package sent a clear signal to the other member states that Rome is incapable of solving its economic woes alone, Paweł Tokarski says in an interview. more


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