• SWP in the Media

    Are Russia, Turkey, and China competitors of the EU in the Western Balkans?

    As there are no signs that the EU economy will revitalize soon and lift with it the Western Balkans, the region is looking for new business partners, writes Dušan Reljić in EurActive. more
  • The EU’s New Energy and Climate Policy Framework for 2030

    Implications for the German Energy Transition

    In October 2014, the leaders of the 28 EU Member States in the European Council agreed upon the outline of a common strategy for energy and climate policy to 2030. Until the very end of negotiations, the agreement was subject to Poland’s consent. The... more
  • Anne Wolf

    Power Shift in Tunisia

    Electoral Success of Secular Parties Might Deepen Polarization

    Tunisia’s main secular party, Nidaa Tounes, emerged as the largest force in the October 2014 parliamentary elections. The party’s leader has also a high chance of being elected president in a runoff ballot in late December. The results risk to increase... more
  • Post-election Tunisia: Security Issues as a Threat to Democratisation

    Germany Should Help Reform and Strengthen the Security Sector

    Tunisia is the only Arab state currently undergoing a democratic transition. But this process is unfolding under increasingly difficult conditions. The economic crisis and the security challenges posed by armed Islamists are exacerbating one another.... more
  • The Framework Nations Concept

    Germany’s Contribution to a Capable European Defence

    With the Framework Nations Concept, which it introduced to NATO in 2013, Germany attempted to bring the topic of defence cooperation among NATO countries once more to the foreground. The development of multinational units would, in theory, increase sustainability... more
  • Islamist and Secular Forces in Morocco

    Not a Zero-Sum Game

    In Morocco, unlike in other Arab countries, Islamists and seculars tend to cooperate in formal as well as informal politics. Political opportunities and pragmatic interests trump ideology most of the time, providing a suitable environment for a broadly... more

Analytical and academic papers

Severin Fischer

EU: New Energy and Climate Policy Framework

SWP Comments 2014/C 55, December 2014, 8 Pages
Anne Wolf

Power Shift in Tunisia

SWP Comments 2014/C 54, December 2014, 7 Pages
Christian Mölling, Isabelle Werenfels

Post-election Tunisia: Security Issues

SWP Comments 2014/C 53, December 2014, 4 Pages
Judith Vorrath

Organized Crime in Liberia and Sierra Leone

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 13, November 2014, 30 Pages
Oliver Meier

Nuclear Conflict with Iran and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 12, November 2014, 22 Pages

"Point of View"

Yaşar Aydın

»Turkey should respect the diversity and autonomy of the diaspora in Germany«

The SWP study »The New Turkish Diaspora Policy« by Yaşar Aydın has recently been published. In this interview he explains what lies behind this term, what aims Turkey is pursuing with the policy and the problems that exist in implementing it. more

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New Books

Max Mutschler
Arms Control in Space

Exploring Conditions for Preventive Arms Control

Henriette Rytz
Ethnic Interest Groups in US Foreign Policy-Making

A Cuban-American Story of Success and Failure