Dr. Oliver Geden

Dr. Oliver Geden

Research Division: EU/Europe
Head of Research Division


2014/15 Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Directorate General for Political Staff and Policy Planning


2014 Visiting Fellow at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich

since 2013 Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Media and Communication Policy (IfM), Berlin

2011 Federal Foreign Office (AA), Policy Planning Unit

2005/06 Visiting Fellow at the University of California (UC), Berkeley

Areas of Expertise:

Climate policy, EU energy policy, European Union, Political systems

Current focus: Negotiations on EU's post-2020 energy and climate targets; European dimension of German energy transition; EU in international climate negotiations; Climate science / policy interactions; Strategic political planning; Political communication

SWP-Papers (selection):

with Severin Fischer

Moving Targets

Negotiations on the EU’s Energy and Climate Policy Objectives for the Post-2020 Period and Implications for the German Energy Transition

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 03, March 2014, 30 Pages

Modifying the 2°C Target

Climate Policy Objectives in the Contested Terrain of Scientific Policy Advice, Political Preferences, and Rising Emissions

SWP Research Paper 2013/RP 05, June 2013, 30 Pages
with Severin Fischer

The EU's Energy Roadmap 2050: Targets without Governance

SWP Comments 2012/C 08, March 2012, 4 Pages

The End of Climate Policy as We Knew It

in: Barbara Lippert, Volker Perthes
Expect the Unexpected

Ten Situations to Keep an Eye On

SWP Research Paper 2012/RP 01, January 2012, 49 Pages, P. 19-22
with Severin Fischer

Europeanising the German Energy Transition

SWP Comments 2011/C 33, November 2011, 4 Pages

Publications (selection):

with Silke Beck

Renegotiating the global climate stabilization target

in: Nature Climate Change, Vol. 4, September 2014, pp. 747-748
with Jonas Grätz

The EU's Policy to Secure Gas Supply

CSS Analyses in Security Policy, No. 159, September 2014; also available in French
with Severin Fischer

Updating the EU’s Energy and Climate Policy

New Targets for the Post-2020 Period

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, International Policy Analysis, May 2013; also available in Chinese

Penser l'énergie à l'échelle européenne

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Bureau de Paris, Analyes et Documents, Mai 2013

Impending Paradigm Shift

International Climate Negotiations and their Impact on EU Energy Policy

in: KAS International Reports, Issue 9/2012, pp. 22-34

In the press:

A New Climate-Policy Paradigm

in: Project Syndicate, 07.08.2013

Climate Change – what next after the 2C boundary?

The modification of the 2C climate target will put an end to the vision of a "science-based" climate policy

in: guardian.co.uk, 11.06.2013

It's Time to Give Up the 2 Degree Target

in: Spiegel Online International, 07.06.2013


Oliver Geden on Twitter

Oliver Geden, Silke Beck
Renegotiating the global climate stabilization target
in: Nature Climate Change, Vol. 4, September 2014, pp. 747-748


SWP Comments

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Tobias von Lossow, Stephan Roll
Egypt’s Nile Water Policy under Sisi

Security Interests Promote Rapprochement with Ethiopia

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