Dr. rer. pol. Hanns Günther Hilpert

Dr. rer. pol. Hanns Günther Hilpert

Research Division: Asia
Head of Research Division


1989-1999 Study Center Japan / Asia at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Munich

1999-2002 German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo

SWP-Papers (selection):

Asia-Pacific Free Trade Talks Nearing the Finish Line

Setting the Agenda in the Struggle for Regional Markets, Multilateral Rules and Geopolitical Leadership

SWP Comments 2015/C 07, February 2015, 8 Pages

China’s Trade Policy

Dominance without the Will to Lead

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 01, January 2014, 32 Pages
with Oliver Meier

Charting a New Course on North Korea’s Nuclear Programme?

The Options and the Non-Proliferation Treaty

SWP Comments 2013/C 19, June 2013, 7 Pages
with Stormy-Annika Mildner

Fragmentation or Cooperation in Global Resource Governance?

A Comparative Analysis of the Raw Materials Strategies of the G20

SWP Research Paper 2013/RP 01, March 2013, 204 Pages

Free Trade with Korea

Economic and Political Opportunities for Europe

SWP Comments 2009/C 26, November 2009, 8 Pages

Publications (selection):

with Frank Rövekamp, with Hanns Günther Hilpert

Currency Cooperation in East Asia

Financial and Monetary Policy Studies, Volume 38, Springer International Publishing, 2014

A Comparison of German and Korean Division: Analogies and Differences

in: International Journal of Korean Unification Studies, 19 (1) 2010, pp. 126-156
with R. Haak

Japan and China: Cooperation, Competition and Conflict

Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave, 2002