Dr. Claudia Major

Dr. Claudia Major

Research Division: International Security
Senior Associate


phone:+49 30 88007-430

since 2010: Advisory Board for Civilian Crisis Prevention

2008-2009 Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

2007 European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris

since 2006 Lecturer, Institut d'Etudes Politiques/Sciences Po Paris

2005-2007 Fellow of the European Foreign and Security Policy Studies Programme

2001-2003 Public Affairs, IPA Network Berlin

2000-2001 German Council on Foreign Relations; Berlin

SWP-Papers (selection):

with Christian Mölling

A Hybrid Security Policy for Europe

Resilience, Deterrence, and Defense as Leitmotifs

SWP Comments 2015/C 22, April 2015, 4 Pages

NATO’s Strategic Adaptation

Germany Is the Backbone for the Alliance’s Military Reorganisation

SWP Comments 2015/C 16, March 2015, 4 Pages
with Christian Mölling, with Judith Vorrath

Train + Equip = Peace?

Stabilization Requires More Than Capacity Building

SWP Comments 2015/C 04, February 2015, 4 Pages
with Christian Mölling

The Framework Nations Concept

Germany’s Contribution to a Capable European Defence

SWP Comments 2014/C 52, December 2014, 4 Pages
with Christian Mölling

EU Battlegroups: What Contribution to European Defence?

Progress and Prospects of European Rapid Response Forces

SWP Research Paper 2011/RP 08, June 2011, 36 Pages

Publications (selection):

Time to Scrap NATO's 2 Percent Pledge?

Blog Post Carnegie Europe, 28.04.2015 (online)
with Christian Mölling, with Tomas Valasek

Smart but too cautious: How NATO can improve its fight against austerity

Centre for European Reform, Policy Brief, May 2012.

A New Force to be reckoned with

What France and Germany should do to save European defense

in: IP Journal, German Council on Foreign Relations, 26. April 2012 (online)
with Martina Bail

Waiting for Soft Power

Why the EU Struggles with Civilian Crisis Management

in: Eva Gross, Daniel Hamilton, Claudia Major, Henning Riecke (eds.): Preventing Conflict, Managing Crisis. European and American Perspectives, Centre for Transatlantic Relations, Washington D.C., 2011, pp. 15-36.

Working papers (selection):

with Christian Mölling, with Alicia von Voß

The State of Defence Cooperation in Europe

Working Paper, FG 03-WP No 3, December 2013, 14 pages
with Stefan Krümpelmann

Enter the European Institute of Peace: Competing with or strengthening the European Union?

Working Paper FG03-WP No 2 May 2013 Berlin , 8 Pages
with Stefan Steinicke

EU Member States' Perceptions of the Security Relevance of the High North

Working Paper FG 2, 2011/No. 4, FG 3, 2011/No. 5, October 2011 , 15 Pages
with Eva Strickmann

You can't always get what you want – Logistical Challenges in EU Military Operations

FG03-WP No 03, June 2011, Berlin, 6 pages

special articles (selection):

with Eva Gross, with Daniel Hamilton, with Claudia Major, with Henning Riecke

Preventing Conflict, Managing Crisis

European and American Perspectives

Publication by the Center for Transatlantic Relations, December 2011, 154 pages

In the press:

Germany's humanitarian plans in Libya and Eufor Libya

Interview von Mark Caldwell, in: Deutsche Welle World, 08.04.2011 (online)